Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

Waldale’s performance has allowed us to excel in providing high quality products and exceptional service to our customers through improved service metrics for personalized and specialty plates, direct mail delivery, and on demand delivery with no requirement for warehousing.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

Waldale incorporates state of the art technology and they are leaders in the license plate production industry. It has been our experience that the quality of their product has always been excellent. The employees are well organized, professional, and friendly and they are always willing to assist with all of our license plate needs.

Mississippi Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Licensing Bureau

Staff members at Waldale have always been courteous and professional in handling any type of license plate problems we may have encountered during the course of our busy days. Their ability to understand our situations, which we may encounter and propose resolutions, has truly been remarkable. It is our belief that they possess the ability to be innovative in the field of digital license plates and are consistently seeking better ways to produce license plates.

State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

Waldale Manufacturing Ltd provides outstanding customer service to the State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. They are very responsive and we consider them a valued partner in our quest for Excellence. The product that they provide is of high quality and is competitively priced. The Waldale Manufacturing Ltd personnel are professional and efficient and are easily accessible and always willing to offer support and guidance.

PEI Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Customer service from Waldale has been superb. Their staff make every effort to assist in any way they can, and on occasion, have gone the extra mile to serve us. They have certainly made our job easier with their efficiency and excellent quality workmanship.

Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles

Irwin Hodson excels in producing and shipping license plates within the time frame required by the State. They are always open to suggestions and are willing to adjust various aspects as needed. Irwin Hodson has always provided exceptional customer service. Oregon DMV highly recommends Irwin Hodson Group as an outstanding company to work with for the manufacturing of both embossed license plates and digital license plates.

Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles

The products received from Irwin Hodson are always of excellent quality, and the service is outstanding. They address any issues immediately and always resolve them to DMV’s satisfaction. I would highly recommend Irwin Hodson Company as a vendor.